Evil Eye 2020

Evil Eye (2020) นัยน์ตาปีศาจ

Evil Eye Pallavi lives in New Orleans. She has a close, but not always harmonious relationship with her mother Usha. Usha has returned to Delhi due to her husband’s work. Usha is concerned that Pallavi, almost thirty, is still unmarried. Usha, who is very keen on Vedic Astrology will try to get her daughter to visit at a specific time.

To please her mother, Pallavi agrees to meet the date blindly she has had set up. The date does not show but Pallavi meets another male, Sandeep, and the two begin to date. Sandeep seems like the perfect man: handsome, rich and Indian. When they discuss their past relationships, Sandeep tells her that one of his former lovers tried to commit suicide when they separated. Pallavi observes Sandeep’s hands tighten in anguish when he tries to gift her earrings.

She shares with Usha everything about her boyfriend. Usha isn’t overly thrilled. According to an astrologer, Pallavi and Sandeep are not a common pairing. However, a private detective Usha hires reports that Sandeep has a string of former girlfriends who are reluctant to speak about his past relationships. Evil Eye HD

Sandeep invites Pallavi to stay at his home. He doesn’t want her to move in and so he charges the rent to a new home so that she can pursue her writing goals and quit her job. Pallavi can relocate to the new place. But, Usha discovers that Sandeep controls Pallavi over her. When Pallavi claims that Sandeep is doing this for her own good, Usha remembers that her abusive ex-boyfriend used to constantly repeat this to her. She then believes that Sandeep, who was born nine months before Pallavi was born, is the reincarnation for her previous boyfriend, who passed away the night Pallavi was born, after violently confronting Usha. Pallavi and everyone else thinks they are crazy.

Usha suffers a breakdown when Pallavi is engaged to Sandeep. She agrees to give Sandeep an opportunity to make amends and at the urging of her husband. She informs her daughter about her past. Before she got married, she was in a relationship with an abusive and controlling man. He would stalk her after she had a breakup with him, and then got married to another. In the night she was pregnant with her ninth month, he fought her on the bridge. She pushed him across the bridge and had a baby girl named Pallavi in the night. She never knew anything about the death of her ex-boyfriend.

Sandeep calls Usha and admits that her suspicions are right: he is the reincarnation of her former boyfriend. He insists that she go to America to meet him. Sandeep informs her when she arrives that he would like her to become what has always dreamed of. He warns her that if she tries to stop the marriage, he will end up killing Pallavi. As the three dine with each other, Pallavi becomes suspicious that her mom has suddenly become so supportive. Usha tells Pallavi that she’s got identical earrings Sandeep gifted her as an offer from her ex. Sandeep gets angry and begins to attack Usha. The two women fight off and hurt him.

At the hospital, realizing that her mother’s correct, Pallavi worries about the future, and the happen with her potential daughters. Usha comforts her as down the hall, Sandeep is killed. The final shot depicts an infant and it is believed that Sandeep has been immortalized.

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