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Assassin’s Creed Aguilar de Neha is accepted into the Assassin Brotherhood in 1492 Andalusia during the Granada War. A group of gunmen commanded by Alan Rikkin (CEO of the TemplarsThe Abstergo Foundation), arrive to detain Joseph. He convinces Joseph to escape.

In the year of 2016, Cal is executed for the murder of an pimp. However, Abstergo fakes the execution and then takes Cal to the research center situated in Madrid. Cal is told by the Templars that they are searching for the Apple of Eden. The Apple was invented by a long-lost civilization in order to end war and to use the code that was created by the Apple to regulate the free will of mankind. Sofia Alan’s daughter and the chief scientist, divulges that Cal is an ancestor of Aguilar The only person who has been confirmed to possess possession of the Apple. She puts Cal in the Animus device which allows him to travel back in time (and the scientists to look into) Aguilar’s genetic memory to make sure Abstergo can learn about the location of the apple.

Aguilar and Maria Aguilar, his companion, are sent to help Ahmed, who was kidnapped by Templar Grand Masters Tomas de Torquemada. They also try to get Sultan Muhammad XII’s dad to let go of the Apple.

Cal meets other descendants of Assassins who are held in the facility. A lot people are skeptical of Cal’s motives. There are exceptions for Lin an ancestor of the 16th-century Chinese Assassin Shao Jun and Moussa is a descendant of Haitian 18th century Assassin Baptiste. Cal starts experiencing hallucinations, referred to as “the Bleeding Effect”, of both Aguilar and Joseph. Cal and Sofia become close friends during their sessions. Sofia confesses to her mother that she too was murdered by an Assassin.

Maria, Aguilar and Animus will be executed on an auto fe. However, he is able save Aguilar and Maria from being executed. Cal gets away from the rooftop and executes the Jump of Faith.

Asserted by his encounter with Joseph, Cal willingly enters the Animus. Maria and Aguilar attack a Torquemada and Muhammad gathering; they take away the Torquemada’s soldiers and retrieve the Apple. However, Ojeda captures Maria. She decides to kill herself in order to save the Apple and then stabs herself with the blade of Ojeda. This gives Aguilar to kill Ojeda and escape by a Leap as well as the force which will cause the Animus to break down violently. Aguilar then gives the Apple to Christopher Columbus, who vows to take it to his grave. In the event that Moussa and modern Assassin prisoners begin an unarmed riot to force out, Alan orders the facility to be cleaned. Abstergo security kills Joseph as well as the majority of other prisoners. Cal sees projections of his ancestors while he is in the Animus Chamber. Cal observes Sofia a projection of an Assassin that is identical to him. He will be joining Lin, Moussa and Lin to escape from prison.

Cal returns to the Columbus graveyard to take the Apple. Sofia unhappy, confronts Cal and is reluctantly to let him have the Apple. Cal returns the Apple and is killed by Alan while doing so. As Sofia vows revenge The Assassins leave, swearing to defend the Apple from the Templars.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed อัสแซสซินส์ ครีด 2016

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