Hobbs & Shaw HD

Hobbs & Shaw HD

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 2019

Hobbs & Shaw

Hobbs & Shaw Hattie Shaw, MI6 Agent and her team set out to recover a virus that is programmable dubbed “Snowflake” which is a part of the techno-terrorist group Eteon. Brixton Lore is an ex-MI6 Agent who’s been transformed into an Eteon operational by the cybernetic implants. He can perform extraordinary feats and arrives to kill all agents, but not Hattie. Hattie then injects the last dose of Snowflake into her body before fleeing. Brixton confronts Hattie for killing her team and stealing Snowflake which forces Hattie to run away.

Ex-Diplomatic Security Service Agent Luke Hobbs, and ex-MI6 agent Deckard Shaw were both aware of the virus missing two years earlier. They decided to collaborate in the search for it. After a brief discussion at the CIA black site located at the Leadenhall Building, Deckard visits Hattie’s house for information, only to get attacked by Eteon operatives, while Hobbs manages to find Hattie; after a brief scuffle and a brief exchange, he takes her to the CIA office, as Deckard arrives to inform Hobbs that Hattie is actually his sister. The office is attacked, and Hattie is taken by Brixton, whom Deckard recognizes as an old colleague-turned-enemy he’d previously shot and supposedly killed. Hobbs and Deckard chase Hattie and flee Brixton. They crash into a double-decker vehicle. Brixton however, has them all accused of being traitors. the trio as traitors due to Eteon’s control over global news media.

They meet Professor Andreiko who tells them that he designed Snowflake to distribute vaccines in a timely manner. In order to stop Eteon using the supervirus to wipe out humanity, Hattie must be cremated while the virus remains dormant. A special extraction device is able to eradicate the virus from Eteon’s facilities in Chernobyl in Ukraine. While Hobbs was briefly arrested for Deckard using his fake name “Mike Oxmaul,”” they manage to make it to Moscow. After meeting up with Deckard’s ex- flame Margarita to meet up in Moscow, the three infiltrate the facility. They are able to recover the device prior to escaping in the Man KAT1; however, Andreiko is killed, and the device gets damaged in their escape as well as the facility’s destruction.

Hobbs takes Deckard and Hattie along to his home from childhood in Samoa, where he meets his brother Jonah who is an expert mechanic. He is in need of assistance to fix the gadget, and lies down before meeting Brixton again. Hobbs experiences a stressful reunion with his family due to the fact that he got his father sentenced to prison, however Jonah is eventually persuaded to help the family by their mother. The battalion, which is improvised, is preparing for the arrival of Eteon, disabling the weapons used by Eteon’s group by temporarily blocking their authorization code, as well as creating a variety of traps throughout the island. Jonah is able to fix the device, and begins the process of removing the virus just as Brixton and his troops are about to arrive. All Brixton’s soldiers are defeated in the battle that follows, while the Samoans sustain minimal injuries. Brixton takes back Hattie by using a UH-60 Black Hawk; however, Hobbs, Deckard, and the Samoans are able to bring down the aircraft by using several customized trucks. Hobbs and Deckard collaborate to defeat Brixton. However, Eteon’s unidentified director breaks up their partnership following the battle. The director says he is Hobbs”friend” and wants to persuade him, Shaw siblings, and everyone else to locate the director. Following that, the group is able to celebrate their victory.

In the post-credits scene Hobbs is seen taking his daughter to Samoa to visit their extended family. Deckard and Hattie suggest that they take their mother out of prison. Hobbs gets a call from Locke telling Hobbs that Locke has escaped a facility where he discovered another virus even worse than the Snowflake virus. Hobbs secretly commands Deckard to be detained by the London police in retaliation to the “Mike Oxmaul” joke. Hobbs informed the police that Deckard was named “Hugh Janus”.

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